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US 6 in Colorado

Phillips County CO

US 6 entering Colorado from Nebraska.

Haxtun CO

Not much traffic through US 6 as it heads through Haxtun.

Logan County CO

Driving across the wide open spaces of eastern Colorado.

Sterling CO

A tree-lined US 6 in Sterling.

Morgan County CO

US 6 parallels I-76 as it heads toward Denver.

Adams City CO

US 6 passes through an industrial area in Adams City.


US 6 is multiplexed with US 85 as it heads toward Denver.

Jefferson County CO

After travelling through Denver as a freeway US 6 arrives at the base of the mountains. The ride just beyond here is especially scenic.

Clear Creek County CO

While not actually part of US 6, the ride up Mt. Evans that we took as part of the trip was pretty impressive. The air was mighty thin at the top of the mountain, making the short hike very tiring.

Clear Creek County CO

US 6 is multiplexed with I-70 for awhile but splits off here to ascend the mountains to Loveland Pass.

Clear Creek County CO

US 6 crosses the Continental Divide at Loveland Pass.

Summit County CO

Four-lane US 6 passes through the ski areas in Summit County.

Keystone CO

The Dillon Reservoir is visible in the distance.

Eagle County CO

US 6 winds through more resort areas in the mountains of Colorado.

Eagle County CO

As US 6 descends out of the mountains the landscape becomes much drier.

Garfield County CO

On my first trip on US 6, parts of I-70 were still under construction.

Garfield County CO

US 6 runs right along I-70 much of the time.

Garfield County CO

Continuing west on US 6 through Garfield County. On my first trip on US 6 it was getting dark by the time I reached this area.

Silt CO

US 6 in Silt.

Rifle CO

US 6 meets CO-13 in Rifle.

Clifton CO

US 6 passes through Clifton on its way to Grand Junction.

Grand Junction CO

I stayed in Grand Junction on my first trip on US 6.

Mesa County CO

US 6 in Mesa County as it continues its trek toward Utah.


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