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US 34 begins near Chicago and heads southwest across Illinois. It crosses the Mississippi River at Burlington, Iowa and heads west across southern Iowa to the Plattsmouth Toll Bridge where the highway crosses the Missouri River into Nebraska. In Nebraska, US 34 passes through downtown Lincoln, then heads west across the seemingly endless rolling farmland of southern Nebraska, leaving the state in the desolate southwestern corner. In Colorado, US 34 passes through Fort Morgan and Greeley before reaching the Rocky Mountains to the west of Loveland. After winding through the mountains to Estes Park, US 34 enters Rocky Mountain National Park, climbing through the mountains to over 12,000 feet above sea level before descending on the western side of the continental divide. As it leaves the National Park, US 34 heads south for a few miles to end at US 40 near Granby.

I drove US 34, and photographed the route, in early September 2005.

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