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US 50 begins at the Atlantic Ocean in Ocean City, Maryland and heads to and through Washington, DC. After crossing northern Virginia US 50 continues west across West Virginia, passing through the southwestern tip of Maryland on its way to the Ohio River. US 50 then heads across southern Ohio, through Cincinnati, and across Indiana and Illinois to reach the Mississippi River, crossing into Missouri just south of St. Louis. Jefferson City and the Kansas City area are next on US 50's route before it heads southwest and then west across Kansas and Colorado. US 50 crosses the Continental Divide at Monarch Pass, and then heads northwest to meet US 6 at Grand Junction. US 50 is multiplexed with US 6 in eastern and western Utah, but takes the more direct route through the center of the state. Crossing Nevada, US 50 is dubbed the "Loneliest Road in America" as it heads west to Carson City. US 50 crosses the Sierra Nevada Mountains to the south of Lake Tahoe, then ends as a freeway in Sacramento.

We drove across the country on US 50 in 2014.

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