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US 2 in North Dakota

Grand Forks ND

US 2 enters North Dakota at Grand Forks. The city suffered very bad flooding a few years after these pictures were taken.

Grand Forks ND

The bridge construction caused a bit of a traffic jam in Grand Forks.

Emerado ND

US 2 passes through Emerado as it begins its westward journey across North Dakota.

Ramsey County ND

US 2 in Ramsey County.

Benson County ND

Fields along US 2 in Benson County.

McHenry County ND

Similar scenery as four-lane US 2 passes through McHenry County.

Ward County ND

US 2 and US 52 are multiplexed near Minot in Ward County. I stayed in Minot both times I drove across the state on US 2.

North Dakota

The landscape has a few more hills as we continue west.

North Dakota

US 2 climbs enough of a hill to warrant a passing lane.

Williams County ND

US 2 is multiplexed with US 85 for a bit as they go through Williams County. On my first trip on US 2 we had to stop at a car dealer in Williston for a bit to make some waterproofing repairs to the car.


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