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US 2 in Minnesota

Duluth MN

US 2 enters Minnesota high above St. Louis Bay. It was a long walk up this bridge to get this picture.

Duluth MN

Another look at US 2 on the bridge in Duluth. I spent the night here in Duluth on my second trip on US 2 when these photos were taken.

Saint Louis County MN

The junction of US 2 and MN-194 in Saint Louis County.

Grand Rapids MN

US 2 in Grand Rapids.


Another look at US 2 as it crosses northern Minnesota.

Beltrami County MN

US 2 is a four-lane divided highway here in Beltrami County.

Polk County MN

US 2 remains a four-lane divided highway through Polk County.

Polk County MN

As we approach East Grand Forks US 2 is multiplexed with MN-220.


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