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US 52 in North Dakota

Fargo ND

US 52 and I-94 entering Legendary North Dakota at Fargo.

Buffalo ND

US 52 continues to share pavement with I-94 and in North Dakota both routes are signed.

Tower City ND

Spiritwood ND

Jamestown ND

At Jamestown US 52 leaves I-94 and heads northwest.

Jamestown ND

Buchanan ND

Pingree ND

Wells County ND

Fessenden ND

Harvey ND

Martin ND

Drake ND

Burlington ND

US 52 meets US 2 for a short time near Minot.

Foxholm ND

Donnybrook ND

Ward County ND

Burke County ND

Portal ND

Portal ND

The last westbound sign on US 52, a couple of block from the end of the route at the Canadian border.

Portal ND

Closer to the border, at the last turnoff before the border crossing.


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