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US 2 in Montana

Roosevelt County MT

US 2 begins its long journey across Montana.

Culbertson MT

US 2 crosses MT-16 in Culbertson.

Frazer MT

US 2 in Frazer, Montana. The journey across US 2 in eastern Montana is a long one.

Glasgow MT

US 2 in Glasgow.

Saco MT

US 2 as it heads west from Saco. We see miles of flat farmland in eastern Montana.

Dodson MT

More fields as US 2 heads west out of Dodson.

Havre MT

I spent the night in Havre on my first trip on US 2.

Liberty County MT

More farms as we ride through Liberty County.

Shelby MT

US 2 passing through Shelby.

Browning MT

As US 2 passes through Browning the mountains ahead are clearly visible.

Flathead County MT

We encountered snow on the first trip over Marias Pass (in June), but much better weather on the trip when the above picture was taken.

Flathead County MT

Some nice scenery on this section of US 2.

Flathead County MT

US 2 winds through the mountains in Flathead County.

Flathead County MT

US 2 heading west in Flathead County.

Kalispell MT

US 2 in Kalispell. I spent the night in Kalispell on the trip when these photos were taken.

Libby MT

US 2 in Libby.


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