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US 3 in New Hampshire

Coos County NH

US 3 begins in New Hampshire at the Quebec border.

Coos County NH

Every time I've driven this lonely stretch of northernmost US 3 I've encountered at least one moose.

Coos County NH

US 3 heads toward the Vermont border as it travels south through Coos County.

Colebrook NH

US 3 meets NH-26 in Colebrook.

North Stratford NH

US 3 passes through North Stratford as it continues along the Vermont border.

Lancaster NH

US 3 intersects with US 2 in Lancaster.

Grafton County NH

US 3 meets I-93 in Grafton County.

Grafton County NH

The Profile was still intact when I drove US 3 and took these pictures.

Grafton County NH

Heading south, US 3 splits from I-93 but remains nearby, and as a result serves mostly local traffic.

Meredith NH

Traffic increases as US 3 passes through Meredith.

Franklin NH

We see an old iron fence lining the road as we ride through Franklin.

Concord NH

US 3 continues to parallel I-93 as it heads through Concord.

Nashua NH

US 3 makes a hard right north of Nashua to head toward the Everett Turnpike.


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