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US 6 in Pennsylvania

Matamoras PA

US 6 crosses the Delaware River into Pennsylvania.

Matamoras PA

The Delaware River as seen from US 6.

Pike County PA

US 6 heading west adjacent to I-84 in Pike County.

Pike County PA

Two-lane US 6 crossing Pike County's rolling hills.

Waymart PA

A rain-soaked US 6 in Waymart.

Clarks Summit PA

US 6 is multiplexed with US 11 for a short while near Scranton.

Tunkhannock PA

US 6 in Tunkhannock.

Towanda PA

One thing that struck me during my trip was how building height generally decreased in towns as I continued west. Still mostly three-story buildings here in Towanda.

Sylvania PA

US 6 in Sylvania.


US 6 continues west through the mountains of Pennsylvania.


While there isn't an alternate major highway nearby, anyone going a long distance would likely opt for I-80 to the south or NY-17 to the north instead of two-lane US 6.

Warren County PA

The landscape flattens as we continue west, now in Warren County.

Erie County PA

US 6 meets US 19 and US 6N in Erie County. This bridge over French Creek has been replaced with a less interesting but safer span.

Erie County PA

US 6 is multiplexed with US 19 as they head toward Meadville.

Linesville PA

Linesville was looking patriotic on the day I can through. The old four-way traffic signal in the picture has also now been replaced.


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