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US 19 begins in Erie, Pennsylvania and heads south passing through Pittsburgh on it way to West Virginia. The route travels through central West Virginia and enters western Virginia and then eastern Tennessee, where it splits into US 19E and US 19W. The routes recombine in western North Carolina, pass through Asheville, and then head west through North Carolina before turning south again to enter Georgia. US 19 heads primarily south through Georgia, passing through Atlanta and Macon before heading south to Florida, where it follows the Gulf coast to St. Petersburg. US 19 crosses the Sunshine Skyway Bridge and ends just south of St. Petersburg.

I drove US 19 from end to end with my wife in the fall of 1998, and took these photographs while on that trip. When the route splits in Tennessee and North Carolina, we followed US 19E which as we expected provided a beautiful leisurely ride through the mountains.

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