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US 2 in Maine

Houlton ME

US 2 begins at the Canadian border in Houlton, Maine.

Houlton ME

The border crossing is now on nearby I-95, but at one time US 2 crossed the border and the old buildings at that border crossing still stand although the road behind me is now closed.

Houlton ME

The first shield on US 2 after exiting I-95.

Houlton ME

US 2 is a two-lane road for most of its journey across Maine.

Aroostook County ME

Logging is a major industry in these parts.

Aroostook County ME

I-95 parallels US 2 through this sparsely populated part of Maine, so US 2 sees very little traffic.

T1-R4 ME

I thought these Town Line markers were really cool since some of the towns are identified by coordinates rather than names.

South Lincoln ME

US 2 is multiplexed with ME-6 in South Lincoln.

Old Town ME

US 2 in Old Town.

Carmel ME

US 2 is multiplexed with ME-100 in Carmel.

Skowhegan ME

US 2 in Skowhegan, Maine.

Dryden ME

The summer sun shines on US 2 as it passes through Dryden.

Oxford County ME

In Oxford County US 2 is multiplexed with ME-26 and ME-5.


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