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US 2 in Vermont

St Johnsbury VT

After crossing US 5 down in the valley, US 2 climbs to the top of the hill and meets Alternate US 5.

St Johnsbury VT

Another view of US 2 in St. Johnsbury.

West Danville VT

The junction of US 2 and VT-15 in West Danville.


West of Montpelier US 2 parallels I-89 and so carries mostly local traffic.

Chimney Corners VT

US 2 meets US 7 in Burlington, and then the two routes divide again a bit further north.

Grand Isle County VT

Notice the old railroad crossing sign peeking from behind the US 2 shield.

Grand Isle County VT

Another look at US 2 in Grand Isle County. This was a very scenic part of the ride on US 2.

Alburg VT

The last few miles of US 2 in Vermont run very close to the Quebec border.


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