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US 2 in Washington

Newport WA

US 2 enters Washington at Newport.


US 2 passes through evergreen forests in easternmost Washington.

Spokane WA

US 2 in Spokane.

Spokane County WA

US 2 heads west after departing Spokane.

Almira WA

In eastern Washington US 2 passes through miles of grassy farmland.

Coulee City WA

US 2 in Coulee City.

Douglas County WA

Continuing further west, the landscape becomes much more rugged and not what I expected in the Pacific Northwest.

Douglas County WA

US 2 climbing out of Moses Coulee in Douglas County.

Douglas County WA

The mountains appear as we approach the Columbia River.

Douglas County WA

Although US 2 has been relatively flat for miles, this elevation sign marks the beginning of the descent into the Columbia River Valley.

Douglas County WA

US 2 heading down into the valley.

Douglas County WA

US 2 descends over 2000 feet into the river valley.

Douglas County WA

US 2 is multiplexed with US 97 as it follows the Columbia River south.

Peshastin WA

US 2 and US 97 split as US 2 heads back into the mountains.

Chelan County WA

US 2 heads through the Cascades.

Sultan WA

US 2 in Sultan, Washington.

Snohomish County WA

US 2 in Snohomish County.


US 2
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