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"Road" pictures are of the "US Numbered Routes" I've driven. The "US Numbered Routes" were originally designated in the mid-1920s (as opposed to the "Interstates" which date from the 1950s) and are often referred to as US Highways or "Federal" highways. Examples include Route 1 on the east coast, Route 101 on the west coast, and routes 2, 50, and 60 running across the country. Since 1988 I have been driving these highways from end to end. Approximately every 30 to 60 miles I took a photograph of the road and surrounding landscape. This website contains links to these photos as well as other information about the trip and route. I've also had an interest in trains for many years and over the last few years have been riding trains and photographing the stations I visited. Those photos are also available on this site.

I permit reuse of my photos, but appreciate a brief e-mail saying where they are being used. Thanks.

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I also have a much smaller site about the former village of Kensico, New York and the building of NYC's Kensico Reservoir at oldkensico.com.

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